2010-After Gateway, Inc.

After Gateway, Inc. was the 2010 Extreme Nonprofit Makeover winner

Extreme Nonprofit Makeover in 2010 changed the volunteer project in a very big way: we were joined by SNS, Inc. (now Eastridge Technologies) and received a grant from the Weaver Foundation to add a critical computer technology aspect to the annual program. With a generous grant, we were able to provide not only a new website but also:

  • Domain rescue
  • Email setup on the domain
  • A self-editable website
  • Nonprofit low-cost software
  • A critical firewall
  • Computers, monitors, and touch-screen monitors
  • Networking and backup capability

How did all of this happen?

We took Chris to AGI to see what it would take to fix one important issue and he walked the building, looked at what they did and who they served, saw many issues beyond what I asked him to look at (but we knew about) and what happened? He said,

“I want SNS, Inc. to do what you do each year and do it with TechTriad. We want to be part of TechTriad’s Extreme Nonprofit Makeover.”

And that’s exactly what Chris and the SNS engineers did. Donating a NAS device for AGI to be able to backup their data properly, the SNS engineers’ upgraded all of AGI’s technology that we could raise money for – and enabled them to do more for more people in an easier and more secure fashion. All we needed was some money for hardware.

We met with Skip Moore, the President of The Weaver Foundation (who was excited that another business wanted to do something good for a nonprofit) and we were given an annual technology grant as part of our now-dual effort. 2010 was our inaugural year and AGI now has new, secure technology, better systems and a great firewall.

And then it happened again. Rooster Communications‘ President, Brian Cockman, said his firm would also like to participate in the newly-titled Extreme Nonprofit Makeover and build a pro bono full-scale PR marketing and communications plan for the selected nonprofit.

The TechTriad Extreme Nonprofit Makeover is now able to offer a new website, a full-scale PR plan and critical technology improvements for the selected nonprofit and our first recipient was After Gateway, Inc.