WinWin Resolutions

In 2011, armed with our team of great corporate citizens, we added a nomination / application phase of the Extreme Nonprofit Makeover. The nominees and applicants were just amazing! After a long discussion, we decided on Win-Win Resolutions in Greensboro. What ‘sold’ many of us was their active anti-bullying campaign. It struck a chord with us and we supported their work.

Even though Win-Win Resolutions is “space challenged” and had a small but very well-used office, the group was able to provide many upgrades as part of the Makeover. They received:

  1. Four workstations, 4-22″ monitors, a laptop, a switch, laser/fax/printer, firewall, and Wireless Access Point
  2. A new website
  3. Training to update and edit the website
  4. A brand-new logo

We always stick to our Weaver Foundation grant budget and donate our time and skills. The estimated value (including donated time and expertise) for the entire makeover was $18,250.00.