The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover

A free technology makeover for a Greensboro, NC Nonprofit Group

The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover Team includes
TechTriad, Solace ITSCarolina Digital Phone, Atlantic Webworks, Magnetic Ideas,, Altina Layman and Why People Click

The 2017 Extreme Nonprofit Makeover Recipient is
The Guilford Green Foundation

Our team is happy to announce that the Extreme Nonprofit Makeover has received a grant from
The Cemala Foundation for our 2017 Makeover!

This project is assisted by a grant from The Cemala Foundation.

The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover is an annual TechTriad project that provides a nonprofit in Greensboro, NC, with a technology makeover. Started by TechTriad in 2005 with a new website for a local nonprofit, the project has grown to include six companies who provide their talents free of charge.

The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover is funded by a grant from The Cemala Foundation and occasional grants from other foundations and institutions. There is no charge to the annual recipient.

Greensboro-based 501(c)(3) nonprofits who are members of the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium are eligible and the focus of their work must be local.


The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover Provides

  • A new self-editable WordPress website and training
  • New logo and custom graphic templates
  • Social media training
  • Major technology upgrades
  • SEO keyword research for their new website and web copy training
  • Some receive a new VoIP phone system
  • We usually lower your monthly internet and phone bills
  • A year of free managed Google AdWords (valued at $100,000)
  • And lots of new friends!
The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover Story

Learn more about the TechTriad Extreme Nonprofit Makeover – how it started and how it’s grown!

The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover Rules

There are few rules. Read the rules & policies and use the link there for the nomination form.