See the history of the Extreme Nonprofit Makeover and how the team is growing.

The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover is available to 501(c)(3) members of the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium. The grant to the Makeover for purchasing computer technology is from the foundations that support the Consortium.

2005 – 2009
Free Websites for Nonprofits

The Extreme Nonprofit Makeover is Born!

Each year, Sue Polinsky built a website for a Guilford County nonprofit to help them help more people where we live. The sites included Afro-American Genealogical Project (2005), Triad Idol (2006), Community Theatre of Greensboro (2007), Triad Health Project (2008) and NCCJ of the Triad (2009).

2010 – Value $17,750.00

Chris Oakman and his team joined the Extreme Nonprofit Makeover. For the next five years, Weaver Foundation provided a grant to buy computer hardware.
With the grant and Chris Oakman’s team, After Gateway received new websites and thousands worth of new computers, copiers, monitors and more.

2010 – After Gateway
New Technology Added!
Win Win Resolutions, 2011
A new logo added!

2011 – $18,500.00

Atlantic Webworks joined the Makeover team. In 2011, Win-Win Resolutions received a new website, thousands of dollars worth of new computers, copiers, monitors and more. They also received a new logo, courtesy of Atlantic Webworks.

2013 – Value 27,300.00

Nicky Smith and Carolina Digital Phone Joined the Makeover. Carolina Digital Phone supplied the installation, configuration and training on a new VoIP phone system for Community Housing. They also received a new website and lots of computer hardware and a server.

Community Housing, 2013
Phone Systems Added!
Sanctuary House, 2014
Web copy training added!

2014 – Value $52,500.00

he Makeover Offered Web Copy Training when Jeff SanGeorge, Magnetic Ideas, joined the Makeover Team. In 2014, Sanctuary House benefitted from that plus the connection of their multiple buildings through a new network installed by Chris Oakman’s team.

2015 – Value $57,000

Preservation Greensboro, Inc. was one of the team’s biggest challenges. PGI received a new website, cabling to connect 3 buildings (with Christmas Eve trench digging), replacement of all their computers and cloud backup and Microsoft 365 accounts.

Preservation Greensboro Inc., 2015
Triad Junior Achievement, 2016
Google Ads for a year added!


Triad Junior Achievement was the recipient of a total technology Makeover with a new website, new computers, switches and routers and a conference room big-screen monitor with Bluetooth controls. They also received training on writing copy for the web.


Guilford Green Foundation received the 2017 Makeover, the year they moved into new space. We were able to cable the space, provide new computers and big screen monitors, a phone system, a new logo, new website, web copy training, software training and much more.

Guilford Green Foundation, 2017
Fundraising help added!
Desktop support added!
A Simple Gesture, 2019
A Brand Mark/Logo Package added!

2019 – Value $31,064.63

The 2019 recipient was A Simple Gesture, the “green bag” people. With few staff but great volunteers, ASG received a new website, new computers, new phones, a new brand mark for the Thanksgiving Project, Google Analytics customization, strategy and setup, software and social media installation, tweaking and training, a new fiber Internet connection and fundraising mentoring.

2020 – Value $48,300.00

Triad Legal Group was the 2020 Makeover recipient. They received a new website, copywriting by Mark Tosczak, custom photography by Bert Vanderveen, a new logo, a new phone system, computer hardware including tablets, laptops, UPS, firewall, switch, monitors, HDR Smart TV for the conference room and Office 365. They also received fundraising consulting, software evaluation and Google Analytics customization.

Triad Legal Group, 2020
Computer Repair!
Gefen Productions offers a video!
Custom web copywriting!
Photography shoot!
ALL added in 2020!