IRC, Extreme Nonprofit Makeover Recipient

Homelessness is an experience — not a person.

At the Interactive Resource Center, we invite people experiencing — or at risk for — homelessness to be part of a supportive community free of barriers. Working alongside our guests, we provide services that help our Guilford County neighbors reconnect with their own lives and with the community at large. The Interactive Resource Center promotes dignity, respect, connection and empowerment in an environment where trust and relationships matter. We’re engaging those we serve in building their own progress toward a life without homelessness.

What the IRC Does

We don’t judge; we build.
We greet everyone who walks into our facility as a fellow human being and offer basic human dignities like a shower, clean clothes or a cup of coffee. We’re able to build a trusting and transformational community because we see our guests as we see ourselves and we work alongside them.

We value lived experience.
The majority of our staff has personal connections to poverty and homelessness. We understand the challenges and work to eliminate barriers to service. Because we value lived experience, community members experiencing homelessness are not only welcome here; their perspectives, abilities and contributions are valued.

We engage our guests in their own progress.
We’ve experienced firsthand that one is more apt to make progress when they have the support to determine for themselves how to move forward. That’s why we practice self-determination — empowering our guests to determine what’s best for their own lives and what success means to them.

We don’t duplicate. We leverage.
People and organizations all over Guilford County are doing great work. We work in tandem with partners to better reach the people we serve. Rather than duplicate services, we combine our strengths to collaborate and achieve more together.

What did the IRC receive in the makeover?

  • Technology hardware, installation and service
  • 9 desktop computers, 1 laptop, 2 switches, 5 access points, 4 printers, 1 set of speakers and 2 smartboards
  • Labor, onboarding and email
  • Initial onboarding required 50 hours of labor; the video camera system was configured, nonprofit Microsoft 365 email was set up for all users
  • Managed services for every computer and all other hardware
  • Telephones: hardware, installation, training and service
  • Telephone hardware and firewall, new guest phones, a modern phone at every workstation, 100 guest voicemail boxes, system configuration and training. Monthly payments significantly lower.
  • Domain and DNS repair
  • Donor management software
  • Replace multiple donor management tools with a single full-service CRM.

The value of the 2018 Extreme Nonprofit Makeover is both in free technology tools but also in monthly savings with better performance. We also were able to increase the IRC’s bandwidth significantly and provide email with encryption that meets the standards they must adhere to. We also solicited a personal donation to defray the cost of the CRM.

What was the value of the 2018 Extreme Nonprofit Makeover?

Approximately $72,500.00

The entire Makeover team gets a different kind of value that money can’t buy.