A Simple Gesture, Extreme Nonprofit Makeover Recipient

A Simple Gesture’s Mission

A Simple Gesture engages the entire community to end hunger by making giving easy, convenient, and fun!

What A Simple Gesture Does

  1. We provide volunteers with a special green bag and a list of suggested nonperishable items.
  2. Each time they go to the grocery store they pick up an item from the list and store it in the bag.
  3. On a designated day they leave the bag outside their home and a neighborhood volunteer picks it up, leaves a new bag, and delivers the food directly to a local food bank.

Impacting Local Families

The Makeover team is happy to work with a nonprofit that helps our City’s families and children. When schools closed on March 16th Guilford County Schools (GCS) and local food partners responded quickly, implementing “Grab and Go” models allowing parents to pick up meals in school parking lots or other community hubs; loading up school buses with meals and dropping them off at stops along neighborhood routes, as well as getting food for the weekend. By May, over 1.7 million meals had been distributed in Guilford County. The USDA did its part by issuing a crucial series of waivers granting more flexibility in how meals could be prepared, packaged, and served. See more here.

What did A Simple Gesture receive?

  • A new website from TechTriad
  • 3 new computer workstations, more than $7,000 worth of hardware and equipment
  • 70 hours of onboarding to Microsoft Office 365 (provided by the grant and work by Solace ITS)
  • Website Content Editing and SEO Training (provided by Magnetic Ideas)
  • Development (Fundraising) Consultation
  • Desktop support to learn how to use new tools (provided by Sam Moore of Palm Springs Tech)
  • New Northstate internet connections (to replace DSL)
  • Domain rescue and DNS Configuration
  • Special Event Brand Mark for the Thanksgiving Project (provided by Shane Lukas of AGreatIdea)
  • Google Analytics Customization, Strategy and Setup (provided by Rob Ainbinder of Why People Click)
  • Software and Social Media Installation, Tweaking and Training
  • New phone system and a year of support (provided and steeply discounted by Nicky Smith of Carolina Digital Phones)